Move over Doogie Howser, there’s a new little doctor in the office.

A toddler has gone viral after her mother shared several videos of her demonstrating her impressive medical knowledge while playing nurse.

The proud mom, Aleece, posted the videos on her TikTok account @aleeceinwonderland where they have gathered millions of views. The most popular video has been viewed 1.4 million times.

In the first video, the adorable 2-year-old stands in her room wearing a T-shirt with a stethoscope graphic and a name tag that says “Nurse.”

When Aleece asked her daughter what she wants to be when she grows up, the young girl in curly pigtails smiles while holding a play medical bag and responds, “A nurse.”

“Medical students are getting younger each year,” Aleece jokingly captioned the video.

The aspiring health care worker demonstrates her remarkable medical knowledge while playing with her toy medical devices and taking care of her stuffed animal bunny patient named “Fluffy.”

“What does an otoscope do?” she asks herself. “It checks your ears, eyes, nose and mouth,” she responds.

The toddler then moves on to demonstrate a stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, reflex hammer, thermometer and nebulizer on her furry patient.

“This video is in no way medical advice, just a toddler who is fascinated by all things medical,” the mama noted in one of the videos.

Viewers adored the videos and were blown away by the little one’s expansive knowledge and vocabulary.

“She is going to places when she is older,” a TikTok viewer commented.

“Can we just go ahead and give this girl a scholarship?!? Any of them, she deserves them all,” another replied.

Several health care workers also left comments noting how her videos reignited their love for the field.

“Just had the worst shift of my career and this made me feel love for nursing again,” Tyler commented.

“As a very tired nurse the second she said ‘nurse’ I immediately started crying,” another said.

“This reminds me why I went into nursing in the first place so many years ago. Her passion and love for her patients is what so many nurses need now!” a TikTok viewer said.