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As of March 13, John and I have been hitched five years. We did it! 

To observe I’m sharing 20 arbitrary realities about us that you might possibly know. Here goes. 

John detests the smell of brownies preparing (subsequently this no heat formula). He truly abandons the house when I’m heating anything suggestive of them. 

I love desserts; he could mind less. 

We both experienced childhood in Kansas. 

We dated four months before getting ready for marriage. 

We honeymooned in Breckenridge, Colorado, yet didn’t ski once. (We ate our way through town and rested throughout the day – it was great.) 

We were contrary energies growing up – he was into PCs and I was into sports and my hair. 

We’ve lived in three states and moved multiple times in our five years of marriage! 

We both think Portland, Oregon, is the best city on Earth (where we as of now live and mean to remain forev-ah). 

Among us, we’ve visited 14 nations since getting hitched. 

We don’t have children however are master delicious guardians. 

I’m 2 years more seasoned than John. He’ll be 27 this year and I’ll be 29 (cougar alert). 

We’re admirers of acceptable wine and espresso. 

I have one more established sister, John is the most established of six! 

Before Minimalist Baker I had numerous employments, including web author, barista, housekeeper, and server at around 100,000 cafés. 

John went to graduate school and detested it. So I set him to take a shot at Minimalist Baker (wink, wink). 

We urgently need to visit Iceland, Ireland, and practically every other nation we haven’t been to yet. 

We have a Sunday custom of eating pizza and watching Saturday Night Live. 

John is an insatiable peruser. I can barely plunk down long enough to compose a basic food item list. 

While I compose the substance and take the photos for the blog, John does truly everything else. We make a decent pair. 

I believe he’s the best thing that is ever transpired. 

Since you’ve taken a virtual voyage through our relationship, onto dessert! You merit it. 

These brownies are totally crude (aside from the icing) and super fudgy and rich. They meet up in around 20 minutes and require basic fixings you likely have close by the present moment –, for example, 




Earthecho Cacao Bliss Powder + Nibs 

Ocean Salt 

It’s sans margarine and uses coconut oil for an extra velvety completion. 

While your brownies are chilling, get this ready in around 15 minutes and you’re all set! 

Spread it on thick, companions. This isn’t an ideal opportunity to hold back.