Are you at that point where your kombucha journey has led you to a crossroads? 

You’re obsessed with the drink but you can feel the honeymoon period waning and the cracks are starting to show?

We get it. 

Keeping up your kombucha craze can be hard sometimes – especially when there are so many other exciting trends that you just need to try. 

Want some pro advice? Don’t give up. Grab your Kombucha Jars or your Kombucha Kits and let’s get this show on the road!.

Because we have your back with the perfect tips to keep it fresh and zesty all the way:

1. Try Strawberry Flavoured Kombucha 

We say it like a command – because it is. You must try strawberry flavoured kombucha. This is a great one to get into if you’re a bit lost on the whole sourness aspect of traditional kombucha and want to lean into the more sugary side of life. Plus – who doesn’t like strawberry flavour? It’s a killer. 

Simply add blended strawberries at the combination phase (these sugars are perfect for the yeast to eat away at), and serve normally or with a few ornamental slices of strawberry on top.

2. Dabble in Cranberry-Orange Kombucha

Feeling like kombucha has lost its zeal? This is a fun one that will change your mind.

Simply add freshly smashed cranberries and freshly squeezed orange juice at the carbonation stage and serve normally – you might find you’ll need to scoop out a few cranberries into the glass if you want the full presentation. 

It’s also a great pick-me-up if you’re feeling tired or down. You’re basically getting three kicks – from all three main ingredients – kombucha – orange – and closing the deal with cranberry flavouring that elevates the drink to new heights. 

3. Kick back with a Lime-Mango Kombucha 

Kombucha has always been a refreshing drink – but talk about tropical flavour pairings, this mash-up is only going to delight. Lime and mango are the perfect balance for the tangy kombucha making the drink super accessible and smoother. Use this drink as a base for further tropical additions like papaya, banana, or even coconut. 

4. Boost your health with a Green Kombucha 

There’s no rule against adding greens to your kombucha. For this genius health kick – add spinach, green apple, ginger and some spirulina powder to the mix, and honestly, anything else you can think of that matches the profile. If you’re looking for a seriously healthy drink – don’t look any further than this. 

5. Calm down with a Fig Chamomile Kombucha 

Kombucha is a crazy drink alright, but there are ways to calm it down. Chamomile and fig flavours are an excellent way to do just that. 

Don’t be fooled – chamomile isn’t going to be your base tea – rather you’re going to add chamomile flowers and figs at the last ferment to give it a wonderful floral scent. You’ll find this drink has a mellow taste – and makes the perfect relaxation drink. Hot tip: use fresh figs when they’re in season – it’s so worth it. 

6. Spice it up with Cinnamon Nutmeg Kombucha 

Yes, we’re talking about the magical cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and cardamon. Kombucha is already a bubbly, spicy drink – but these 4 spices make an already delicious drink mouthwatering. 

If you’re sipping it and thinking – it could be spicier – try grating some fresh ginger into the drink. It’s also worth playing around with the flavours to see what works best. Too much cinnamon and it takes over the flavours. Remember not to overcrowd the flavours. 

7. Cozy up with Maple Apple Pie Kombucha

On a cold winter’s evening, you could go for a mocha, or…. a maple apple pie kombucha. These flavours are to die for. 

Three simple ingredients besides your normal kombucha are required for this masterpiece. Chopped apples, cinnamon, a spoon of maple syrup. Adding these ingredients into your second ferment is ideal – and adding a little extra maple syrup at the end is always tempting. 

8. Bloody Mary Kombucha 

Disclaimer – you have to like bloody Mary’s to like this one. If you’re after a real kick in the morning (especially after a big night out), then you’re onto something here. 

This bombshell of a drink is easily made by blending up the right tomato/cucumber mixture plus chilli powder and then adding to your second ferment. Be careful when removing this one from the fridge as it can explode. Serve with a pinch of salt and poured into ice. Alcohol is of course completely optional. 

9. Passionfruit Ginger Kombucha 

If you like the slight burn that comes with ginger ale – then you already know you’re going to like this one. The passion fruit is the icing on the cake, as both flavours provide a cohesive balance between sweet and spicy. Serve over ice on a hot summer’s afternoon. 

10 Red Grape Coriander Kombucha 

Talk about wild – this one will either make it or break it on your palate. For anyone who’s after some sophistication in their drink, this one pulls out all the stops. Red grape provides the sweetness and hint of wine flavours while the coriander adds the layer of curiosity and depth to what is a surprisingly refreshing drink. 

If we haven’t already rekindled your love of kombucha, then why not try out some of your own concoctions? Or even maybe try out some other types of fermented foods good for your gut? Sometimes improvising in the kitchen with what’s handy is the way to go when all else fails. Have fun and keep it zesty.