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Rabbits are more susceptible to fleas and ticks than any other furry animal. However, giving them the same treatment as given to a dog or dog for flea infection can actually kill rabbits. Flea infection in rabbits is rather complicated and requires great care to treat. If you see your bunny recklessly scratching himself, take him to Virginia Beach animal hospital for a thorough check-up. 

Fleas and ticks are nasty creatures that can drive your bunny crazy. As a pet parent, one should be extra careful about flea and tick infection and take every precaution to keep the pest away from their furry pets. But despite all the precautions, rabbits can get easily infected.

So, let’s find out some ways to treat fleas in rabbits.

Although it is advised that you should seek medical help from Virginia Beach veterinarians in case your rabbit has fleas’ infection, you can try these tips.

A flea comb is very effective in removing fleas and ticks from the rabbits. Since it doesn’t require putting any chemicals or medicines on the fur, it is toxin free and completely safe.

However, if the flea condition is too severe to tackle with a flea comb, get your bunny on flea treatment. But make sure that you consult a veterinarian before starting any medication. Your vet should approve the medicine and application dose. When applying the medication to your rabbit, always place the medicine at the center of their neck so that they can’t lick off the chemical. At no circumstance should your bunny ingest the medication as even a small dose of it can be fatal for them. If you have more than one pet bunny, keep them separate when applying any medicine.

When it comes to treating fleas and ticks in rabbits, great care and caution should be taken. Veterinaries and doctors suggest not using Frontline for treating rabbit fleas as it is very toxic and may cause serious health issues if applied on the rabbit. When going for over the counter treatment methods, check the label for cautions and application instructions. Some flea medications are specially made for dogs and cats and must not be used to treat rabbit fleas.

As mentioned earlier, if your bunny has only a few fleas, flea comb would be enough to get them off. To use the flea comb, just run it thoroughly on their fur. To drown the ticks from the fur, dip the comb in alcohol or warm water. Rinse the comb thoroughly to get all the fleas off the comb.

There are plenty of chemical-free alternatives available in the market that is safe for topical usage.

Unsafe Flea Treatments to Avoid

One should avoid the use of Flea Collar at all cost. Since the chemical present in the collar is too high, its ingestion can cause serious harm to your pet.

Besides flea collar, avoid giving a bath to your rabbit as the whole experience can stress them and put them in shock.

Additionally, you should stay away from flea powders as they contain poisonous chemicals which can even kill your bunnies.