With a constant increase in COVID cases worldwide, the way we live as a community has completely changed. The authorities have restricted us to stay at home to keep ourselves and others safe.

Even with the restrictions, we have to make money to sustain our living standards, and remote working has made workers bored with sitting in front of the computer for most of their day.

There are different types of meetings that companies have to engage their employees. And with continuous working, the workers need a boost of interest to perform well. Here are ways to lighten up your team’s mood.

1. Do Fun Activities

While we are at some serious task, we often ignore the importance of a fresh breath, but it is necessary for a productive push. 

As a team leader, we suggest introducing fun activities like asking your team to brainstorm the rhyming words to the project’s name or tell a colour to represent the project’s theme. 

Engage your team in all types of meetings and come up with fun ways, so they look forward to the sessions and come prepared to take part.

2. Allow a Good Learning Experience

Some individuals love to work from home, but if you’re not one of them, some difficulties might arise, especially if you’ve been ordered to do something continually.

When you switch over to a work-from-home system, you might have a little more free time on your hands. You can turn this time into productive tasks by using this new arrangement as an excuse to grow specific work skills or discover new stuff to make you a much more critical employee.

Strengthening your knowledge base will encourage you to actively engage at a point when it would spell trouble.

3. Follow a Schedule 

This one might seem irrelevant, but it actually helps you feel productive when everything is on its time. While working remotely might seem odd, sticking to a daily job-related schedule is a quick way to resolve such feelings. What we mean here is to suggest you begin your day as a normal working day.  

Wake up at the usual office hour, get ready, log into your computer, take your lunch break, walk out of the workplace, and turn down in the evening according to your regular schedule. 

Given your present set of circumstances, keeping the routine, you’re used to will make you feel more comfortable.

4.Take A Break

Once we are in tune with the assigned task, we forget everything and engross ourselves to meet the deadline. Understandably, you may prefer getting free all at once, but it is essential to take a break. Go for a drink, or a quick walk or do squads. Just keep repositioning yourself.


Nobody knows when the ‘working from home’ trend will expire, although it is comfortable, but it is full of distractions and can sometimes get boring. It is better to adjust yourselves to remote working to keep going with time.