It has been observed that observed that the value of software developed by the company has reduced the performance of stress on project management in the value of business creation. This is their passion with certainty and competence of acquiring knowledge and assimilation. The development of software is just like a build-up in learning, while the traditional way of project management will improve the skills of execution.

There is no important developer’s software activity that is certain and repeated. If available, it would have been publicized. More so learning is not a direct process. It is a procedure to try and error. We make mistakes and repeat the steps to correct the mistakes and through the process of perfection, there would be a new discovery.

In a project management activity, there is provision for infrastructure management facility which enhances different software like storage software which allows the storage of information. It is necessary to have the software with back up especially when the one-stop data centre is being used as the storage source.

The direct process might be seen for a while but we need to know what we don’t know in order to avoid setbacks in the learning process. It is when we discover the mistake and make corrections that we know we are gradually getting perfect and also getting used to the software.

Projects with good software help to make works easier but one must not really on it rather also use traditional method in order to be extraordinary perfect in all ways. Project management software helps the project manager to manage time and scope of activities.

The use of the software is not good for learners because it gives them the opportunity to be lazy and it is like you are hiding the truth for them. When they start working, they begin to work smoothly. As time goes on, they may encounter a situation where the traditional method could be introduced in carrying out some certain activities in solving the problems. Since they are used to the software, it will be difficult for them to carry out the operation. Then things will be going wrong with the activities of the project.

If you have noticed some projects that are successfully delivered on time, with the planned budget, with the specified attributes and they still fail. This is because things that were delivered do not meet up with the user’s needs. This means there is a problem and mostly happens to those who rely on software because project management keeps telling you about the estimates, time, holidays and so on forgetting to make provision for things like user’s satisfaction, group learning, information gaps, generation of values, innovation and so on.

It would be good to have software that can produce the circumstance of risk-free, experiment free and learning free. There are tendencies that software does not deserve to be written or a thing that can just be bought rather than building. Project management software is on two side perspective which can be categorized as good or bad.